Wednesday, March 11, 2009

loyalty, among friends, family & enemies

- - *Loyalty is one of the things that best describes one's personality. It's what people struggle to maintain. It forms violence, happiness and sadness * - - ; _ * Being loyal to friends is pretty easy, depending on how much you trust them or their trust towards you. Lack of loyalty can also lead from friends to enemies, or vise versa from enemies to friends. * - _ ; maintaining loyalty builds friendship and relationship between someone and the one they love and in family relationships. because it;s the one thing that is most important in a relationship. one can not expect to have a good relationship if there is no trust among it. it leads to hate, say if i were to go and tell my bestfriend's deepest darkest secret, not only would she not trust me again but she would carry on not being friends with me again. i;ve learned about loyalty between friends, love witht he opposite sex and my family. it hurt me in so many ways and destroyed relationships betweent the people i most cared about. lack of loyalty made me cry myself to sleep some nights and want to hurt people on other nights. learning from it makes you a better person. it drives you to hold it and never saying anything about it again. being a loyal person to the one you love builds the love you have for them, never even thinking about other people while your with him. you can also tell if your boyfriend or girlfriend is loyal to you by the way they hold your hand or put you in their arms, they way they go head over heels for you.